Service Learning

Cal Poly Community Based Learning

It was a worthwhile and mind-changing experience. I will continue to volunteer my time. - Service Learning course evaluation

Service Learning courses are offered during every quarter at Cal Poly. The following list of courses are courses that are offered most regularly. This list is not inclusive of all course offerings! There are many other courses available, and the set of classes offered depends on the academic quarter.

Commonly Offered Service Learning Courses

CM 400 Service Learning in Construction Management
Phil Barlow, CAED - Construction Management,

ECON 303 Economics of Poverty, Discrimination, and Immigration
Instructor: Dan Villegas, CBUS—Economics,

EDUC 588 Education, Culture, and Learning
Instructor: Joy Pedersen, Student Life and Leadership/COE,

ENGL 134 Writing: Exposition
Instructor: Joan Pedersen, CLA—English,

ES 244 Survey of Asian-American Studies
Instructor: Grace Yeh, CLA—Ethnic Studies,

FSN 315 Nutrition in Aging
Instructor: Louise Berner, CAGR—Food Science and Nutrition,

FSN 416 Community Nutrition
Instructor: Lisa Nicholson, CAGR—Food Science and Nutrition,

HIST 307 European Thought 1800-2000
Instructor: Tom Trice, CLA —History,

HNRS 100 Orientation to the University Honors Program
Instructor: Lynne Slivovsky, CENG —Computer Engineering,

KINE 255 Personal Health: A Multicultural Approach
Instructor: Ray Nakamura, CSM—Kinesiology,

KINE 405 Community Health Promotion
Instructor: Kris Jankovitz, CSM—Kinesiology,

KINE 408 Exercise and Health Promotion for Senior Adults
Instructor: Sonja Glassmeyer, CSM—Kinesiology,

POLS 470 Selected Advanced Topics
Instructor: Jean Williams, CLA—Political Science,

REC 325 Outdoor and Adventure Leadership
Instructor: Marni Goldenberg, CAFES-NRM—Rec Parks & Tourism,

SPAN 121 Fundamentals of Spanish I
Instructor: Karen Christian, CLA —Modern Languages and Literature,

SCOM 101 Public Speaking
Instructor: Nina Truch, CLA—Speech Communications ,

SCOM 102 Principles of Speech Communication
Instructor: Nina Truch, CLA—Speech Communications ,

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