Service Learning

Cal Poly Community Based Learning

Dr. Kelly Bodwin and Dr. Hunter Glanz

Drs. Bodwin and Glanz are faculty in the Statistics and Data Science department (CSM). They are working to add the service-learning project to their STAT 434, Statistical Learning course, which is a course for upper-level Statistics majors and Data Science minors.

Dr. Bodwin received her B.A. in Statistics from Harvard University and her Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her research currently focuses on the development and implementation of unsupervised learning methods, innovation in data science education, and statistical applications in the humanities and biological sciences. She is passionate about R Statistical Software, creativity in the classroom, board games, and the outdoors.
Dr. Glanz received his B.S. in Mathematics and Statistics from Cal Poly. He subsequently received his MA and Ph.D. in Statistics from Boston University. He maintains a passion for machine learning and statistical computing and enjoys advancing education efforts in these areas. Hunter serves on numerous committees and organizations dedicated to delivering cutting-edge statistical and data science content to students and professionals alike, including being a founding board member of the California Alliance for Data Science Education.

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